Foot Traffic Should Be a Metric Every Business Owner Measures

People WalkingHow do you know if your local business is going on the right direction? One way to find out is by determining how many people walk in and out your store every day. Sounds overwhelming? You can use various people counting systems to get the right numbers.
Once you have that information, your foot traffic will be able to tell you the following:The best days for business
You can’t expect your establishment to be buzzing with customers all the time. Even the biggest stores experience slumps during the week. When you know what day in the week there are people in your space, you can hold flash sales and get them to double your profit on that day.

The best time for catch ups

You need to meet with your staff and touch base from time to time. It’s impossible to get everyone in the same room during a busy work day, especially if you have a 24/7 business. When you know there won’t be plenty of people in store at a given time, you can deploy only a handful of staff and use that time to hold important meetings.

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Which marketing campaigns work

When you roll out a new marketing or advertising campaign, your business experiences a surge of foot traffic. When you have counters in place, you’ll be able to measure which campaign brought in the most people over the course of a week or month. You’ll be able to weed out campaigns that people don’t respond to, keeping only those that generate customers.

If your location is a good idea

Location is everything for local businesses. A quantifiable measurement of your foot traffic over time will tell you if your location is enough to bring in people, or if you have to come up with other ways to grow your business. You can make up for an inconvenient location by aggressively advertising your unique selling points.
There you have it, four reasons why foot traffic is an essential metric all business owners should measure. Make sure you have a reliable people counting system in place and make decisions based on actionable and concrete data.