Keys to Protecting Your Home against Invaders

Did you know incidences of home invasion have been gradually rising over the past decade in the United States? According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), one in every 36 homes in America is robbed. One million of these burglaries occur with at least one person being inside the house. As a result, homeowners are strongly advised to have home alarm systems in Utah to protect against intruders.

What Is an Alarm Security System?

Alarm security systems are devices that protect common points of entry, such as doors and windows, to prevent invasion. They are also used in commercial buildings and public places to avoid the theft of valuable items, such as jewelry, paintings, gadgets, and vintage artwork.

What Are the Types of Alarm Systems?

Several types of home alarm systems are available. An infrared motion detector relies on changes in body temperature to detect intrusion. Ultrasonic and microwave detector alarm systems detect sound waves that reverberate within the walls of a closed space.

What Occurs When a Home Alarm Security Is Triggered?

When an intruder tries to break into your home, a signal is sent to the professional security company that a breach within the property has been made. Since the security team has a live feed of the surveillance camera, they will be able to respond to the invasion. There will automatically be an alarm tone that is loud enough to alert people within a 300-meter radius. As a result, it becomes difficult for burglars to escape, especially if they attempt to flee on foot.

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The Bottom Line

Home invasion or burglary causes many financial and emotional problems. At worst, psychological effects after the crime might result in anxiety, depression, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid these crimes by installing home alarm systems that will protect you against burglars.