The Basics of Corporate AVP Production

For your brand to be recognized, respected, and ultimately, loved, you ought to come up with a statement that details your mission and vision. Simply writing it may not be always the best. You need to remember that your audiences are visual individuals, meaning they will always be drawn to visually appealing aesthetics. At this point, you may consider coming with a corporate AVP.

Do not take this project lightly. Your AVP should be professional-looking, which means you need to invest time in developing it. If you are not sure where to start, you are in luck; you are reading a short guide that will help you go about the project.

The Production Company

Once the first two factors have been decided, it is time to find a production company. Shortlist at least three; brief them about the project, and have them give you a cost estimate—that’s when you will be able to decide. Finding candidates should not be a problem, as there are many corporate production companies like One Floor Up in Denver.

The Script

Before you head to the bidding of production companies, you need first to develop a script. The script should be short and easy to understand—simple enough to understand yet complex enough to make people think. You can hire a copywriter for this. Have the script approved by the bosses, and once the script is fine, that’s when you can interpret it with visuals.

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The Visuals

The visuals of the script can be treated in many ways. You may choose to interpret the scripts with actual video of the people involved. It can also be a mix of stock videos and the actual clips. If you are trying to be creative within a budget, stock photos and illustrations can be considered. Typography-based animations may also look good.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you are planning to create a corporate AVP. Make it compelling by investing time and effort in it.