3 Practical Tips to Outwit Burglars in Brisbane

Some Breaking into a HomeIn less than half a year in 2016, more than 4,000 break-ins happened in Queensland. Granted, it has a huge population of 4.75 million, many of whom lived in Brisbane, this crime statistic is still worrisome.

Every property owner has the right to defend and protect its asset. To reduce the likelihood of becoming one of the victims, consider these suggestions:

1. Keep the doors locked – even those in the balcony.

Summers in Brisbane can be brutal, so many homeowners tend to open as many windows and doors as they can. If you want to prevent a break-in, though, closing them is still the wiser choice, and that includes the door of your balcony. A recent spate of break-ins by “spider men” revealed they could climb condominium buildings and get into the home through the balcony door, which is often left unlocked. This doesn’t just give the thieves easy access, but it also makes investigation difficult since it doesn’t leave any sign of forced entry.

2. Be aware of the break-ins in the area.

Some postal codes are susceptible to break-ins than the others. It’s unclear why this happens, although there’s a possibility the familiarity of the area and predictable security patterns may entice thieves to trespass repeatedly.

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If your area is prone to break-in, don’t immediately leave. Neighbourhood crime rates can change dramatically, especially if there’s a concerted effort among the homeowners. Rather, invest in security systems such as Merlin remotes from Remote Pro, which should make it hard for them to open your gates.

3. Don’t share your whereabouts.

Thieves are smart. They can tag your home and even stalk you on social media to know your movements and when the house is empty of people. Be subtle with sharing images on Instagram and, as much as possible; keep your exact location to yourself.

You can outwit thieves. All you need to do is to be proactive in protecting your property.