3 Tips to Follow When Looking for a Product Testing Lab

Product testing

Testing every single product before putting it out on the market is a law that every distributor, manufacturer, and supplier should comply with. It ensures the safety of the product and indicates that the public can use it.

To this end, choosing a product testing lab is definitely important. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind.

Their Capabilities

Testing labs have a very important job testing products that are about to be put on the market, and if they fail, the blame will be on you. Make sure to hire a certified laboratory — one that is capable of doing the job properly. Get an experienced lab that has been around for a couple of years.

Ask to speak to a product testing engineer and ask them the right questions, including their process and the tools that they will use. You can also do a site visit to make sure that the place that they conduct their tests in is clean and organized.

The Company’s Services

You would want to look for a company that can provide you with additional support when it comes to your products. There is a chance that your products will fail the tests. You must look for a company that can help you with moving on to the next step, which will usually involve the engineering team.

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A good product testing lab will assist you with all your needs and give suggestions on what you could do to improve your products.

Their Location

Choosing a company or a lab near your own location can help a lot. If you are looking to have fragile products tested, then it would not be ideal to get a lab that is miles away, as shipping or long-distance transport will be an unnecessary hassle you would have to deal with.

It would be best if you visit the lab, be hands-on with the process and deliver and pick up the products yourself.

Always ask the lab if they are accredited and certified by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program and the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation. This makes them legitimate and more trustworthy, which will lead to a more successful testing project.