IT Certifications: How Do they Affect Employee Salaries?

Information TechnologyThe competitiveness of workers in the field of Information Technology, or IT, makes it difficult for some workers to enter the workplace and get their desired position. With some experience and the right certifications, however, an employee has a higher chance of receiving additional financial incentives.

IT professionals without certification, therefore, are highly encouraged to take an CompTIA A+ practice test to prepare for the exam. Passing the test and getting an IT certification not only improves employee credentials, it is also a guaranteed way to increase pay rates.

An IT Certification could Help Bypass Entry-Level Positions

According to PayScale, the average salary for an entry-level position in IT is about $45,000 per annum. An entry-level position in IT equips the employee with the experience and skills needed to work in a specific industry. On the other hand, a certification affords workers a sense of immediate professional credibility, which could lead some job applicants to bypass entry-level positions and earn higher pay.

Mid-Level Positions Require Certification and Experience

As with any profession, more knowledge and experience equates to a higher paycheck. In fact, employers use IT certifications to measure the skills of prospective employees. IT professionals looking to move up the corporate ladder and into a higher-paying job, therefore, should consider getting a certification to expand their knowledge and learn more about the latest technologies.

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Moving up to a mid-level position entails working with experienced technologists on a range of projects that cover telephony, networking, Active Directory, SQL, and VMWare. Their reported salary range is in the range of about $80,000-$100,000 per year.

IT Directors are the Highest Paid in the Industry

Surveys show that IT directors are the highest earning employees in the IT industry. At that stage in their career, however, most of their work requires less technical skills such as communication, planning, and strategizing. Even with their job title, however, IT directors are still encouraged to continue their education and take graduate certificate programs to further enhance their skills.

IT Certifications represent a worker’s dedication to the job and their technical knowledge on a specific platform. Furthermore, they are the key to higher salaries and greater career success.