No, Laptops Aren’t Extinct Yet: Four Reasons Why they’re still Necessary

Reliable DevicesWith everybody spending more time on their phones, mobile gadgets seemed to have dethroned the laptop as the go-to Internet/email/work device. There have even been rumours predicting the demise of laptops. While smartphones and tablets are capable of performing the same tasks that a laptop can, that doesn’t mean that consumers can skip out on having a laptop entirely, however.

According to EssentiallyMac Ltd., laptops still dominate as the more powerful and reliable device. Here’s why:

Hardware Keyboards

Perhaps it’s possible to perform most tasks on a smartphone or tablet, but not all applications are touchscreen-friendly. Laptops have a built-in keyboard that makes it easier to perform tasks that involve a lot of typing. For most employees, owning a business laptop is still a must.

Raw Horsepower

Some applications require too much computing power, so it’s difficult to get them to work using only a mobile gadget. Laptops, on the other hand, have impressive computing capabilities that allow users to switch seamlessly between different programs, applications and games. Laptop memories are also large enough to withstand the system crashes, app freezes and occasional slow performances that plague over-worked mobile devices.

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Long Life Span

Smartphones depreciate quickly. In contrast, laptops contain superior features that are more likely to provide users with utility over a long period of time. In fact, a user can own a laptop for as long as three to five years without feeling like they need to upgrade.

Mass Storage

Expanding storage on a mobile phone is easy as long as you buy an external memory card. Even if a phone has as much as 256GB storage space, however, cramming a phone’s internal memory with too many files or applications could lead to laggy gadget performance. Laptops these days, on the other hand, contain at last 1.5 TB of storage, which allows user to store large quantities of data.

Mobile gadgets may be more often used than laptops, but that doesn’t render the latter obsolete. Laptops are, in fact, reliable devices that any user can count on for bigger, memory-heavy tasks they need done.