Man using a self-coaching app

Two Attitudes That Will Make You Invaluable to Any Organisation

Man using a self-coaching appThere is a lot of amazing feats to be had when talent and attitude are combined. If you would like to be at the top of your game, take the time to consider the attitudes that employers appreciate.

Are you open to making a change? There are a number of tools available today, like a self-coaching app, which can guide you through professional and personal growth.

Confidence, not arrogance

There is a fine line between liking yourself and liking yourself too much. Confidence is your belief in your ability to succeed, but this concept is as complex as the mind itself. Developing genuine confidence covers three realms:

  • Belief in your talent and abilities – This type of confidence comes from “repeated success” and an encouraging support system like friends, teachers and parents. Getting to this place involves a lot positive self-talk.
  • Belief in your ability to survive challenges and learn – Fear of the unknown and fear of failure are often handled through avoidance or trivialization. People try to represent their challenges as being smaller, funny or unimportant. True confidence though means having enough curiosity and courage in the face of crisis.
  • Belief in your intrinsic self-worth – Why do you value yourself? A lot of the times the foundation for self-worth is built on shaky ground like looks, money, status or popularity. Finding a reason to value oneself amid trying times, failure and disappointment remains to be one of the greatest challenges in attaining genuine self-love.
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Psychologists believe that willpower can be improved the same way muscles are strengthened. This means people who exercise willpower can overdo the practice (like working out too much) or they can take it for granted entirely (like never getting off the couch).

The energy required to exercise willpower must not be depleted. For example, chronic dieters will eventually exhaust the mental energy they need to avoid food. But in the right measure, willpower should be practised. You can start training yourself by sticking to a reasonable monthly budget, always arriving 15 minutes or early or quitting bad habits like smoking.

Most leaders believe it is easy to develop confidence and self-awareness, but the truth is surprisingly more complex. However, you can achieve these with openness and courage.