Here are some laser cutting myths that need to stop

3 Myths about Laser Cutting Technology Demystified

Laser technology can be complicated. Many investors would see it as a risk, given the fact that they have to spend money to buy and use it. Any laser machine owner will need programming gurus and highly skilled operators. Besides the enormous cost of ownership, you will also need a lot of space for installation. But behind all these hassles, the benefits can be tremendous. Productivity and efficiency are guaranteed. Here are myths that have been propagated concerning this modern technology. Take a look.

1. It’s unsafe.

Laser beams can be very hot and harmful to humans. In fact, they can be set at a temperature hot enough to literally vaporize metals. However, the fact that laser machines can be configured to perform without an operator means that the risks are not as much. You should also note that laser cutters don’t come into direct contact with materials being cut. It’s only the beams directed towards the pieces that will cut through. This means that the chances of your materials being contaminated are minimized.

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2. You can’t use it to make designs.

Modern laser machines can do anything that you will think of in a short time. Pieces that can take you the whole day to do using conventional methods can be produced in only a minute or even less by these machines. To add the icing on the cake, modern lasers can now create beautiful patterns, designs, and shapes without much hassle.

3. It is an expensive investment.

It’s true that buying a laser carving machine or any other laser cutting technology can be costly. Even the low-end ones can still cost you a fortune. This makes it more suitable for long-term users such as business people. For use on a one-time job, it’s advisable to hire services instead of spending too much of your cash on something you won’t use in the future.

Meanwhile, drafting a plan and budget before buying your laser machine is critical. Laser machines come in many sizes, types, and prices. Therefore, you first need to assess your cutting needs and work in line with your budget.