GPS Usage Via Mobile Phone

All You Need to Know About GPS Units

People today are already very familiar with global positioning system (GPS) technology. After all, most modern smartphones today have built-in GPS capabilities that we use from figuring out where we’re meeting our friends to booking a ride to work.

What most people don’t realize is that there are dedicated units that come with all sorts of bells and whistles from tougher builds to even a built-in jamming simulator. These serve one function only, and that’s navigation. So what are they all about? Here’s a guide to dedicated GPS.

What is it?

Dedicated GPS units have been around for a long time already. Its original iteration was too bulky or too large to be useful for anything smaller than an airplane or a ship. Miniaturization of technology has allowed them to be portable.

How they work is to connect to a minimum of four satellites to triangulate your position and impose it on a map. This setup makes it extremely accurate because the satellites are unaffected by weather or even line of sight.

Do you need it?

Many people would simply say that a smartphone GPS is enough. It’s sufficient for day-to-day travels within where you live. If, however, you find yourself needing guidance for long-distance travel or even overseas trips or business, then a dedicated unit is a better option for you.

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It’s not as vulnerable to weaknesses of smartphone GPS. It even has a simulator to test for potential effects of jamming on the road.

How do you choose the best?

To choose the perfect unit for you, you have several things to consider. The first is the durability of the unit. The very best are built to be weatherproof and drop-proof. The second is the speed of connection and handoff.

These will determine how quickly your unit reacts to changes and how dependable the unit is. Lastly, you should also check for the accuracy of the maps offered and the frequency of updates that they have on offer for the long term.