Guy installing CCTV

Ideal Locations for the Various Types of Home Security Cameras

According to research, the presence of security cameras in a home deters at least 80% of burglars. As such, you need to know which camera types to go for and where to place them for maximum protection.

With that said, below is important information in relation to your security camera installation project in your Utah home.

Primary Security Cameras

The primary security camera should be at the front door area to give a clear view of anyone entering your home.

To hide this camera from the line of sight for anyone who is walking straight ahead into your home, move it slightly to the right or the left and not right in the middle of the front door. You may also camouflage it with a fire alarm on your ceiling or roof.

Secondary Security

Since you have more than one entrance to your home, you need multiple cameras for ample protection. A secondary security camera should aim your back door entrance as most burglars opt for this route to access your home. Similar to the primary one, do not place it directly on the line of sight.

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Garage Security Camera

A garage is one of the most sought-after areas by burglars in your home. This is because of the various valuables that it holds. Therefore, ensure you secure it with a security camera.

A garage holds plenty of items as well as storage space. As such, you may place your camera on a hidden point by the light switch or on the shelf, but also at an angle to garage opening to prevent back light issues.

When placing cameras, it is essential that you consider factors such as the location of the sun, the height of the location and proximity of an image for improved clarity, also consider installing multiple security cameras for large areas such as the backyard.