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Main Benefits of Using a Proxy Server

Guy working at officeThe advancements in technology have made the world closer and secured. Such is the case of being able to work at your most convenient time. If your work requires frequent travelling, have your IT guy install web proxy software on your laptop, and you will surely be able to continue your work wherever you go.

Closer to Work

If you need to work outside the four corners of your office and needs to remotely access secure files, make sure that your IT guy has installed a web proxy software on your laptop. It works like a virtual private network (VPN) which gives employees secure connection to the company’s system and access their files while working remotely.

A properly configured proxy server allows you to remotely and securely connect to your company’s network even if you are physically hundreds or thousands of miles away. This means that even if you go to other places, whether business-related, short vacation, attending meeting and conventions or spending more time with your family, you can still access personal files and company shared files.

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Additional Security

Aside from getting access to secured company files, it also gives additional security as communications made within the VPN are encrypted. Through web proxy, it allows you a dedicated tunnel that directly connects to your company’s VPN server.

So even if someone nearby tries to hack or access your secured files, they should bypass the stronger security connection of your company’s servers, and not your laptop’s system security. Also, if anyone tries to listen to your network, they can only get static packets.

Bypass Restrictions

Did you know that web proxies can also bypass regional restrictions? Such is the case when you try to access streaming contents with regional restrictions. For example, you want to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or HBO contents which are currently available only in the United States. To be able to stream these contents, you can bypass the restrictions by connecting to a US-based proxy server.

The principle is simple – once your laptop is connected to a US-based proxy server, the IP address is replaced by the proxy server’s IP address. In this way, these US-based streaming services will identify you as using local IP address, thus, allowing you access to US-only restricted contents.