The AC System that Gives You Complete Conditioning Control

AirconditionWhen choosing an air conditioning system, you have several options, including evaporative coolers, window units, and split systems. While each of these has their own pros, if what you are looking for is complete control and reduced energy consumption, a ducted air conditioning system may just be what you need.

With HVAC technology continuously being improved and advanced, many ducted air conditioners are now energy-efficient, while making sure that you enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures all year round. Keep in mind, though, that this usually applies only to trusted brands, such as Fujitsu.

Typically, a Fujitsu ducted air conditioning system has the following traits:

The Technology

Ducted air conditioners have fan coils installed within a home’s roof space. Ducts run from the system to each room (zone) in the home. Conditioned air passes through these ducts. With this kind of setup, you can choose which rooms to heat or cool, allowing you to save money by turning off the system for the rooms that are less used.

The Benefits

Ducted air conditioners bring a number of benefits, such as:

  • The ability to condition the air inside your home depending on the season (heating for winter, cooling for summer).
  • Give you control over which zones you want to turn the unit on for.
  • More cost-effective than purchasing separate air conditioners for each room and running them simultaneously.
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A ducted AC system allows you to choose whether cooling or warming the entire home, or only specific rooms. This then minimises energy consumption, which means lower electricity bills. With only one main control unit to deal with, maintenance is simpler, compared with traditional air conditioners.

All in all, a Fujitsu ducted air conditioning system is versatile, energy efficient, and can provide you with ultimate conditioned air control.