How Web-based Information Systems Can Benefit Laboratories

Laboratory ResultA lot of products and services are now available online, both through the internet and private internal networks also known as the intranet. However, shifting to internet systems from internal networks offer essential benefits to laboratories for their data assimilation and storage. Here are some of those important online advantages as opposed to traditional system software.

Lower Cost – Some versions of traditional system software usually require a continuous annual licensing fee. In contrast, most online lab information system software only require one-time payments or registration fees. Also, with online systems software, lab companies need not update their hardware units or servers just to run updated and more powerful versions of the program. You can also personalize your programs, only paying for the features you need. And with less hardware and features to maintain, you need less paid personnel to maintain your network.

Easier Data Sharing – In laboratories, the high need for ease and simplicity in sharing data is a continuous requirement for flawless analyses and tests. With a web-based system, sharing data between several colleagues, clients and companies becomes a lot less complicated and can be done faster, says an expert from LABWORKS. Involved parties can access data using any computer, tablet or smartphone easily, even in places outside the workplace, as long as their internet connection is available.

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More Secure Data – Security is always a concern when it comes to information storage especially with highly classified information. Since the server is with the service provider, laboratories won’t have to worry about the program’s security and maintenance. Hardware required to properly run the system and store data is part of the provider’s service package along with hiring an expert and trained personnel. This reduces the possibility of network crashes and data loss.

Web-based technology is now available for most businesses and laboratories can take advantage of these services. A less costly but more secure information storage and sharing facility can greatly assist in more efficient medical analyses and tests. Not only does this mean more profit for the company, but also more people helped by the products created by these laboratories.